Which College….Da story f da ragged journey!!

The 1st word that came to my mind when i came to know that there was the Annual Dramatics Fest that was to be held the next day.
Strange it may sound to my school friends , but i hadnt’ developed an aversion towards acting which was the other reason that i was known during my school days.”Narad”, “Ramesh”, “Chand Havildar” were some of the nick names that most of my school mates used much in use even today!
The biggest reason for me going back home was the very fact that i loved journeys – Travelling continuously for 13hrs at the least ! Getting to know different people, each with there own piece of story to keep you hooked on, of the jerks and the hiccups, of the road side dhabas where mighty truckers would slip into a melody to remind them of their families et al! The very fact that i went back home every other time i got a chance stands testimonies to my love for travel…
If i start recounting my travel tale, then the tell-along would surely make no less than a book because its just amazing that i have travelled a lot during my first year in Engineering itself.
The Story that is…
Coming back to the day before the dramatics fest, when i all of a sudden after the 1st half decided that I will go home, my roommates werent’ taken for a surprise because it was perfectly natural of me to go home. Azad was luckily there to make sure that i had a smooth cruise to sambalpur. The man at the ticket counter as usual blatantly refused to issue any ticket saying that no ticket to sunabeda was available! But i had to go boss! The conductor kindly allowed me to occupy his side seat which meant that i was deprived of a place to keep my baggage! But no problem “Something is better than Nothing”. The bus left and I was slowly started my travel chores like opening the Utterly delicious “Hide-N-Seek” biscuits..

The bus stopped at Pc Bridge, the check-point to my college. I was sure that someone else was also going with me this time- Great! Then a girl entered the bus.”Yes” was all that popped into my mind.”Bargarh” this was a setback to me when she asked the conductor for tickets, just an hour, then she is gone…phew! Then I spoke first to this girl who was now standing near the door, “Which college??, UCE??”, “ “Yes SIR”, came the reply, Amazing, Funny, Shocking etc etc are some of the adjectives to describe my emotion at the movement. Before i could speak, the extremely civic conductor cut short, “Why don’t you adjust here, You both belong to the same college na!”, nice fellow, got good tricks to snatch away half of my seat! Even before I could say anything, the girl came and sat. I was a senior for here, nice chance io thought, ..Tugged in between the Villain looks conductor and the average looking girl, i didn’t look much at her or rather she was keeping her head bent, the typical engineering style respect! “Which branch?” “Civil Engineering, Sir!”, “hmm..Tel me your school n college details..”..Intro over..
It was funny thing really.. Then I tried to be friendly, (boyish tactics!!), “Well have you ever seen me in the college??”, I was eagerly anticipating the answer” Yes sir, many times, in Samavesh, Robotics event, and at the LINUX Seminar, at spring.. long list”…”WOW!!” I thought, then without wasting a bit of the hour, i popped my next question “So which year do you think I m?”, “Sir…I..I..cant tel..”, nice respect for seniors,” okay, I have given you the freedom to tell my year.. now common” “May be 2nd yr or 3rd yr..not sure”…I just loved this answer..but then bus was nearing up and i decided to skip my part of the reply and then I kept enquiring a lot of other things from this junior(Oops batch mate) of mine..then just as the bus neared bargarh town, i thought its right to ends my play . ad the bus screed to a halt! “Well I am Debabrat, 2nd yr Cse.. n m really sorry.. it was fun to be a senior in 1st yr…”..The look on her face cant be described by me exactly !!”YOUUU…”., was all that she could say before the conductor hurried her to get down pricking the bubble of fun that was!!
Well I m really sorry friend if i would have caused any trouble(Forgot to ask her name!!) but still this is one of my best travel memories!! May be skipping the dramatics fest gave me another play to act upon!!!


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