Child marriage in class 6

“Child Marriage”… This was what we did in class 6th!!!!

VI-C”, the venue to this crime was full of the melancholic activities the day this thing really happened.”I m going on a two day leave..”, as expected, this words out of Maths sir came as an unexpected surprise enough to trigger enough hustling among the students..”Silence!!If any one will talk, I will Lean Down!!”, this stringent blast of threaten made the situation worse as we had to control our laughter at this lines as well as hide our excitement of getting two PT periods!!

Normalcy returned with the screeching sounds of the chalk on the blackboard with numbers and symbols spewed across it. One, two, three, four, this wasn’t our maths sir teaching us this time but the number of students rolling into a laughter which showed no signs of ceasing .”Quiet, what is it??”, “Nothing sir...”Rakesh blurted...” OH no!!”, my bench mate and my best friend till date, Trisoms’ words ringed alarm in my mind, with the matter being clear now …”Who wrote this??”, asked sir, we were sure that today again , its time to spend a period standing outside the class…and our dear friend Binayak, who hold the prestigious post of the class monitor made things smooth for us…”Trisom and debabrata, GET OUT!!”, “but sir, we didn’t do this..”,”Sir, please listen to us..”, this pleadings only fell in deaf eras with a slap free to each of us apart from being honoured of being dragged out of the class by sir…But it was more enjoyable outside with we getting more time to choke out new pranks and the sun rays falling on the dusty corridors did provide us with some respite from the chilly December classroom..

Did you write this?”, asked our extremely jovial and our favourite Odiya Sir…”Well yes sir...”, I replied and as expected, we received a praise…Hard to believe but he was the only teacher who was friendly enough to take the fun out of it…”Common read ii”, he ordered…”No sir no..”, Trisom told…”Arey when you two can compose such a great piece of writing, why shying on reading it...”…The victims Biswajit and soumya were cursing us to their hearts content…The entire classroom was  getting ready to know what the piece of paper had which was the grounds on which we two were sent out…”Ok Sir…”, I ventured out with the piece of paper in my hand amidst the encouraging crowd of 6th C section, i felt more like attaining stardom at the movement i read the contents of it which goes like this……


We solicit your gracious presence on the auspicious occasion of the suspicious

Shubh Vivah


Our friend

Soumya (Khadi)



On 4th of December,Friday


Play Ground , Middle section, Tiffin Break…

Kindly bless the couple…


—-Trisom, Debabrata —-


“WOww..”, “Very good…So you have started marrying off your classmates as well??”, we didn’t have a  good answer of this question but at the movement, we were thinking of the next plan to catch the one who smuggled this letter from my bag…

Child Marriage…!!”, “arey this two are not of 18yrs na…”, our talented laxmikant was heard imparting this lectures to fellow disciples Rohit, satswarup who seemed perturbed by his knowledge of law!!..

“Child Marriage…we were sent out of the class for committing this crime na??”, i asked trisom who replied me in a spark  ”Yeah!! And also of a boy with a boy…(Gay..wasn’t a word we knew that time!)” and we both took on to a laugh which tickles me even now when i m coming to end this story….

“Happy married life!!!”


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