The Day I Was trashed again..

Come IX-D, Geography period, the venue of the Malevolence…..

Volcanoes, another types I thinks…Any Doubts??…Fine. Lets read the next things…”Sir moved on with truckloads of ‘s’ ‘I thinks’. Cut the Carp….He seemed more like a teacher of mathematics with the maps and drawings he drew on the board resembling geometrical figures…Kamal, my bench mate and  my ‘Chaddi Buddy’, was the next victim of his sordid lectures. The entire class was diplomatically donning up fake seriousness suppressing their Tsunamis of laughter at the animated master.Vivek, our diagonal neighbour and another last bench Honcho, was seen mimicking Sirs’ gestures…..

Climax Scene…

Sir was seen rushing towards the last benches with full speed, more than his Bajaj Priya!! ..Vivek..Yes, he was the prey today, Sir stopped and kept the Duster at Viveks’ desk, I was happy beyond measure to watch an action-flick on free ticket..

But then….

“Stand ups…U Idiots…”

Sir was catching my colour..WTF!!…

A deluge of slaps and booms with bonus abuses was all that i remember for the next couple of minutes..”Sir, I m sorry…Sorry sir..Eh!!”

“Rascals, No concentrations..I will not leaves you!”, Kamal was the only one besides me who was frightened and amazed at the same instant.The guys were totes delighted watching the free show. The gals were praying Frantically for the torture to stop..(That’s the reason we fall in love with gals unless otherwise).Softies….


Folks! , where on the earth did he expect to find the answer of this question and that too in the middle of this unending FireWorks show!! I bet, this question will churn out the brains of the IIT, IIM guys and would leave Derek O’ Brain puzzled…

Luckily, my prayers coupled with that of the damsels , didn’t fall in deaf ears. The beating machine stopped. Exhausted, Angry.. et al…These adjectives described Sir at the moment..and me – Punctured, Fused, Shattered… etc..

Now I could feel the condition of the clothes inside the chambers of a washing machine,!!!

And then the Tiffin break…        I was a Celebrity of sorts with seniors, batch mates all rushing up to me.”Ahhs!!”. “Ohhs!!” were frequenting my eardrums

Courtesy : “My Tomato Red Cheeks & Bruised Ears!”

Ditto for any typical Bollywood scene, with the only difference was that here, the protagonist was hit Black-n-Blue from the Baddie.The Beast  almost killed me that day…

But now, all i remember today  is that, even the pain wasn’t that painful, but the melancholy that followed went missing in my life today….

Story(s) Over(s)….


20 thoughts on “The Day I Was trashed again..

  1. pratikshya

    Its really great one…ur story made me recall gud old days…never knew boys think such abt girls…btw u write very well


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