Are we really TENDER NERDS?

” The best way to teach a child restraint and generosity is to be a model of those qualities yourself “

The other day, i was having my usual cuppa in the college canteen when the propertier was spotted giving sermons on generosity to the cook. I wasnt’ really interested to this sordenous lectures of  his which surpassed even my class lectures with an unparalleled margin, but the prolonged conversation really pulled my ears and I instantly found out the reason, The cook had cooked some extra quantity of rice and since it wasn’t needed, he was asking mr.propertier to throw it, but our propertier sir was teaching him lessons of Generosity, his plausible argument was that he could never think of  wasting unused food item , the basic reason for the same being the fact that he would hurt himself by that, he pondered that even today many are rendered foodless and even he was shoveling some weird statistics on how many people remain foodless!!

Enough of shit, how can he blabber such words of tenderness, his business tactics was excellent, an amalgamation of business with emotions, the perfect play with majority of Indians. This was just an instance, people like him are the prototypes of our Bureaucrats and Politicians, the Babus  in power speak volumes against practices condemnable like Child Labour, Dowry system etc, and they are found to be the privileged practitioners of the same shamelessly..

Coming to kindness, generosity, tenderness, words like this remain confined to the pages of the dictionary.Hardly does one usher an act of selfless service and the basic reason behind this being attributed to the atrocities of hey-day..

An appeal to feign personalities like Mr.Canteen owner, stop prattling  facts which are testified fiction by people like you!!


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