“Oye yaar ! what a Maal..Is popat ke saath toh pura odd  lagti hai..!”

“Oye usko dekh le yaar..Apne ko mili toh life ki setting ho jayegi..!”

Hold on…These are not the dialogues from a Bollywood Flick , these are some of the gentle conversations that were doing rounds at Ksithij-’10, the techfest  at IIT-Kharagpur, a grand conglomeration of Techies from Eastern India.

Me & my Best Friend Trisom (aka Linku), the regular backpacker souls were surely not the odd-man-out at Ksithij. Me just went to Bhubaneswar (additional 300kms.), just to cover every km of the trip with him, coz fun is best only possible with friends.

Well coming straight to the point…

“Tech fests now are increasingly becoming popular venues for Romantic getaways rather than forums to share technical talents!” – Trisom Sahu, Friend of your blogger.

He was so right after all, coz the scenario unfolding infront of our eyes stood testimony. My eyes all of a sudden got transfixed to the other end of our table, where a spectacled diva was keenly drawn to the contents of a book(Seemed she had her sem exams the next day!).

Closer observation made it clear that she was reading a Janet Evanovich novel. My  I CAN DIE attitude for fiction drew me closer and closer and closer to her..Hold ON…literarily…

And then, I was sitting  next to  her, She was perhaps not moved by the sudden changes in the environment surrounding her, deeply involved with her reading.

Thanksgiving! Huh!

“Yes…!”, this word was subtly delivered from a pair of small pinky lips,aided by a swift movement of two extremely pretty cajoled eyes protected by a pair f Librarian Spects. Rarest and perfect combination of Beauty with Brain!

This time, my passion for fiction led me to kick-start the conversation over a cup of coffee. In due course of the conversation , I was keen observing her (NO COMMENTS PLZZ).Her dimples which made guest appearances in due course of the conversation wer so  very beautiful that  they could give SRk, Priety n others a run..

My cell beeped to show an incoming sms from my friend whom I had forgetten by now.

“LOVE IS IN THE AIR…:P”… this was an outcome of his cognizance of our conversation.

I  gave it a go and then we resumed our conversation. But  Trisom was filling my inbox with repeated Smses and all bearing the same text. This insighted the Techie inside me, n slowly I was getting diverted to the territories of LOVE..

This made me to slowly changer the course of our discussion from Fiction and literature to the hearts and Roses, I mean Romance, Love life et al.

Its’ now or never! Its your chance to make a chance! GO ON..!” This thoughts made rounds  at my mind. Finally I decided to ask her the question that would unlock my prospects of  moving further; i.e.; enquiring about her relationship status…

“Hey Sheena, Your phone is switched off dear..!”

I didn’t say this, I looked at the source of this message and found out a tall handsome guy, poster boy like the ones in  Apparel advertisements appearing from nowhere..

Now my Coffee mate took no time to put my apprehensions to rest..

“Meet him Dev, he is Raj..my guy..”


I managed to say up a meek “hi..” to Raj….

“Well I must go Sheena, its 3am, time for a nap…Nice talking with you…N ya Raj, u r lucky bro!!”

My PR skills made it possible to hide the lumps of sadness trying to make its way to my face…

Finally I bid adieu to the gal whom I wanted to make MY GAL….

And thus ended a Love Story before beginning .And also ended Trisoms’  endless midnight meal course of coffees and  junk foods…

But then , I consoled my self for a newstart and as they say











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27 thoughts on “MID NIGHT LOVE

  1. Tanushree meher

    hahaha…..wat a story!!! Better luck nxt tym dear….betr try out dose beauties who r single….atleast we’ll get to smile on ur gud luck dan on ur nt so gud luck


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