Symphony of a nerdy Love !!

I think am turning altruistic , perhaps this is my 1st post here which doesn’t deal with stories/observations from my life!!

I have a crucial responsibility of using fictional names for putting up bits of my friend’s life here…

Raj (A typical Bollywood name!), unlike the filmy ones was a nerd in the truest sense in real life (At least from the day I 1st saw of him!). “Complan Boy” , seniors christened him this nickname during our ragging (read interactive!!) sessions .Typical traits of Raj included studying 24×7 , eating like hell , sleeping et al! His timetable was a stark contrast to the melange unruly life that we led.

Lucent results always made way to Mr.Raj’s scorecard contrary to our indigent grades . Things were going at an all-so-normal pace for our nerd, when all of a sudden (Ditto to any Bollywood Rotten Love Flick!) , enters the girl into his life — Simran (No DDLJ stuff!) , a bit hyped , once in the list of demanded gals of our insti.

The most happening transition  kick starts in Mr.Nerds’ life!

Raj-Simran!! Sounds wonders only in Romantic Flicks with Chocolaty Story lines, but damn daffy for real life.However,Raj,breaks all formidable barriers & furcates his life into 2 territories – Studies, Love (Love to Study/Study to Love is a mystery yet unsolved!!). The Knowledge Kist now starts dancing to the dulcet tunes of love, devoid of other worldly concerns.

I am sure you are trying hard to figure out the USP of this seemingly blant tale which by now might have put you to lurginess!

The abrupt twist begins to make its way into Mr.Raj’s otherwise sweet lovestory when he discovers the bitter truth — Simran has a boyfriend & he is not him!! (We are now wading a bye to Yash Raj Film’s typical storylines!!)

The lurid news leaves our protagonist devastated who now turns into a somniferous presence both for himself & others.The worst of all , he starts loosing his interest in his only love other than Simran – Studies & also his hairs!! (Seriously!)

However,this love story jounces with the intervention of 3  Samaritan  friends of Raj (Me included!) who begin to nurture sprouts of optimism, determination & willpower to win his true love back (& also grow hairs on his scalp!).

The story doesn’t  end but continues & will continue for the happy-ending & I am going to type up meed tit-bits of Raj’s Love story!

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22 thoughts on “Symphony of a nerdy Love !!

  1. puravi sahoo

    nyc one…hopefully dis guy gets his love one day….may nt b simran …bt sum anjali or tina….:D n keep gng dude,,,keep up da gud work…!!!


  2. Ahana Bhattacharjee

    this z nearly every guy story in our college .So tl ur friend to be optimistic coz one day or the other he vl get his girl exclusively made for him. 🙂


  3. Manisha Singh

    Hi Panda(Dat is what dey call you,ryt???).I’m a fresh,new visitor(read:manisha) for your blog.Hope you remember me!! okay now switching back to the post.It was totally hilarious and you have been quite rhetoric all through the post.keep up the good work.


    1. Manisha Singh

      n yeah…1 more thing dat i forgot to mention dat your description of characters were funny but ending was a bit sadistic n i liked d transition.:)


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