Its my love story

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

Dont’ be flabbergasted when you read this post of mine, this really happened & I  couldnt’ help myslef out. My insouciance in life was relflected in my attitude towards the tender word called ‘love’, however i never thought that i would one day fall in love – true love as they say it! But how it happened is a mystery which still eludes  my brain. Now i think you all would ditto to this We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.”  

While i was in school, i was head-over-heels over a girl, who never gave me any other attention apart from the usual – Friendship. Fine, school days over & i joined my engineering, now the real transition started – I was falling in love with any other girl (infact many :-P), a total blatherly self of mine, i would admit to. A girl helped me with the Engineering Drawing in 1st yr – I fell in love with her, to the extent that i plucked up courage to defy my seniors to supply her Chilly Chicken at wee hours of night! Then in 2nd yr, i fell in love again – This time, i became a spendthrift of sorts for the girl to loathe her with expensive B’Day gifts et al, only to be warned by seniors from her school  not to dare-her-a-look! Now, i did cared for my skin. Come 3rd yr – Love again, this time with a girl from another college, who did come to our insti for  a workshop, i pawned my PR skills for getting her earn a valuable Internship, with the phantom hopes that this time, it would clik & i would be committed with this girl! Failure. Next came another , this time i was all out for her with all my might & vigor  Spending nights to prepare DS notes for her, running after some guest faculties again putting my PR skills on the anvil for getting her good grades et al! She did infact became the University Topper (A 10.0 CGPA)…but she rejected me outright! Now, this was the last of all pursuits & its time for a retreat, so i went on to become an abominable FLIRT! Senior,Junior,Teacher,friend, friends’ friend , infact almost all kinda species from the fairer sex were being chased for. But no results boss- Its not my cuppa of Cha!

Now the most unexpected metamorphosis happened in my life – I started falling in love. I clearly rubbished this unwelcome development as yet another infatuation or a unsought chaos making its way into my life! But this was meant to be, &  i am no damn mortal to change God’s will.. I met this girl, for some official work as the sponsorship head of the Spring Fest in 3rd yr. It was around the same time, i was tipping my toes after another gal in my silly pursuits of love (the 10 pointer 😛 ), Her alluring calmness, nervousness coupled with an aura of pristine serenity, led me to exchange a hand of frienship to her ( The decision that i claim my utmost pride for!). Thereafter, we were exchanging smses n a few calls often, not a single of them with any intention of love or related melodramas…But i was headed towards my destiny, i found a never-ending tryst leading me to this girl. I warned myself mentally over a thousand times, to stay put only  on friendship  but i couldnt’ & finally decided to pour my heart to her! Now, chrysalis from her end were also on similar notes & both fell for each other. 

Now, we both just stick to one cardinal principle “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us!”  The only purpose of this post is not meant to ride the high horse on my trails or my love story, rather confess a simple & astounding discovery
” You wont ever & never fall in true love unless until the other heart which beats for you makes way to your life!”..

All said, i pray for all souls to be in love & ward off all pain,hardships & sufferings from life….


24 thoughts on “Its my love story

  1. romani

    al dat i cud c i dis piece of writng is d honesty n luv 🙂 its a gr8 feelng being in true luv n i feel dat cmz wid lil patience bt lasts 4 evr..god bles u guys n shez lucky enof coz alrdy can see d amt of efort….


  2. the best thing which always happens in someone’s life at certain point of time which we refer as the point of falling in a graph which is sketched in a plane of love having love at the X-axis and Life at the Y-axis…..the domain becomes the range and the range becomes the domain of the LIFE function…all the best for the future years bhai…

    -your bro though not blood brothers but still, Abhijit


  3. tanushree meher

    nyc…..nevr expectd dese kind f words frm u… neways all is well dat ends well… asusual a very nyc piece f writing…..all d best wishes fr both f u……:-)


  4. Deepak Kumar Rout

    moRe daN d stoRy i luVd uR LiteRary aBiLity….
    hatsoFF brutHa…. 🙂
    P.S : b a noVeList…
    u Hv d perFect etiQuette to b 1….


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