Its my love story – Distance

This may seem as silly as ever, but putting down the saccharine moments of love in a blog actually makes me feel awesome!! After all, even though my posts seem like a bogged down collection of verbiage, but nevertheless , i just cant’ stop myself..

Now, i am in love with probably the best soul in this world – Whats’ next?! 

The only major impediment  (dats a gameplay of fate!) is that, she is my junior (academically),  & while i type this post on da last day of my engineering life, she still has got 2 more years to trifle here. I will be pining up for those silly moments i spend with her @ heaven – Burla! We have our coming planned, but its yet again a gap of 5yrs or so ere we tie the knot. I need da spunk to live out this 5yrs without da near conviviality of someone who gave me the myriad happiness of this birth…But she enamors a wonderful quality with her – she vanished all my apprehensions in just da brink of a smile – She said , “Firstly we love each other, & thats above all dear, distances et al; dont account for al all when you are in love & secondly i wont’ ever miss you because you live in my heart, so how come you move away farther from me , haan?!” Now, i am not gasconading about my love or anything as such, But simply put, i just wanna enunciate to all those souls who love someone but dont have the joie de vivre of staying near them, the explication is within us – Our Heart…just peek inside it!! 

P.S dear – If you happen to read this post, which you would, dont yell @ me 😛 !! Your words really started working wonders!! 

P.S readers – The above line is purely incidental & the writer claims total blame for it whatsoever 😛 


9 thoughts on “Its my love story – Distance


    Someone has quoted rightly:”love is not just about holding hands when things are going your way,but about holding hands when things does not go your way”…distance doesn’t is the feelings that matters a lot..the feelings when you are in true love are eternal..does not disappear or die with passage of time..true love always shows you the way out of darkness..u are damn lucky dude that u have someone whom you could confide in when you are emotionally drained out..just wishing that you would both be of luck for that..this blog is heart touching!!!!


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