Winters – Bag of memories!

Dear Readers, if you are looking up for some bit of humor, come again another time, your blogger had no  control over the sea of nostalgia with the x-mas nearing up, so here it goes…

Mu uthibini, ete jaldi nuhen…(I wont’ wake up, not so soon!)

My day starts with da above parley with my dad. Had it been some other day, da scene would have been da reverse & i would have been plucked out of my bed without considerable effort by my dad, but come x-mas vacations, i get some ivy-privileges! Lucky me!

With the newspaper in hand,delicate rays of sun peeping like a voyeur  through the windows  & a sumptuous breakfirst of pooris,parathas & other mouth-watering spreads, winter seems like divine benedictions starting with  the day’s kickoff….da entire day is like a mesmirising lullaby under the masquerade of fog till late afternoon, da congenial  evening tea with plate-loads of pakoras & not to forget maggi noodles! Dinners were a top-it-all with the obliteratious Chicken curry, Biriyanis & the like!  

Away from the stodgy lectures, semester exams,dismal  hostel food, X-mas holidays were the most sought-after by me! Life swayed at a snails-pace..the only palpable activity of sorts was so-so the most ambrosial – reading up a dozen fictions,devouring mouth-watering delicacies cooked by the world’s finest chef-my mama, brawling up with my brother for the lan cable(a single internet connection both for my lappy & the pc!),neverending talks  & texts with miss special(who hankered for  the winters at my place),watching the desultory snows canvassing the town  in a shade of white, the animated evening gossips with my friends at the school ground, the bike-rides in the hills vrooming with nonpareil excitement – winters gave me truck-loads of excitement…

This winter, my  first ever away from home, life has taken me for a toss – Parathas & Pooris are there – but the aroma of my home & the tastes of motherly love is amiss! I am still tugged in my blanket while typing this post-but the familiar warmth is lacking,internet connection is worthless without my brother to fight over, school-friends in bangalore still pay me a visit- but the amicable environs of the serene school fields is nowhere to be found!…Probably the most monotonous winter ever! With only memories abound, i am gearing up for the solitary countenance, away from my parents,brother, miss special & the  heaven – home!

Readers – Pictures evoke a thousand memories , so here are some special pics of the wonderful winters at my town! 


The entry-point to our township!


HAL Fields – The foggy afternoons! 

ImageSnow-covered carpets of grass!Image

The mesmerizing dew drops!Image

Painted Red – Gulmohar trees at Gulmohar Avenue near my school


22 thoughts on “Winters – Bag of memories!


    winters is my favourite amongst all the season, and you just made it sound better… screw you for making me want to got back to sunabeda again…
    great writing! awesome stuff!.. way to go brother!!!


  2. Well, there’s a thing about nostalgia, it makes you relive the moments that you have always cherished. Since it’s peak summer where I live, your winter picture and memorabilia is giving much-needed relief!

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  3. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    Sometimes I get all nostalgic at the sight of a photo taken when I was young. I don’t only look at th e photo but I close my eyes and memories come flooding in. All the good times of being a teenager! I only wish I had a hometown, but I was born and raised in the city, so I guess I can call this urban jungle my hometown.

    Liked by 1 person

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