Goa – âme perdue

Here I am blogging after a long time! Gramercy to Kolkata Bloggers who imbibed the passion again, and this time, I promise my readers mucho..

Statutory Warning : Unlike my previous posts, this post may seem mundane to some who expect a routine travellouge outta this post. Many a words or characters (read heroes!) may seem out-of-mind to some,but this post is a special dedication to my wonderful friends who were partners-in-crime in the Goa trip.

May was when, WhatsApp with all due credits gave me an extra-top-up, planning for a Goa Trip with school pals, Jumpy & prepared myself  totes – Financially,Professionally et al. Finally the day arrived, 12th of June it was – 12:30pm & I was still on the nigh side packing my stuffs (to be honest, the lazy me was busy scouting for a fresh pair of clothes!), all done reached hyderabad airport solid 1hr ahead of time (Thanx to the never-ending warnings of my love!) and hooked on to WhatsApp again – Buggers kept flooding the group with selfies as some of em’ had already reached the resort. Finally, at around 4pm the  airhostess (whom i didnt oggle much as i was woolgathered &  jealous of idiots already at Goa!) declared that we are about to land, Low visibility comeuppance to the cloudy skies tried its best to stifle the beauty of Goa, nevertheless hitched a cab buzzed to  our resort in Candolim . Was greeted by the spooky souls  Ranjit(who in later part of my story goes missing! 😛 ) ,Lattu & Bonney with an unending sense of belongingness & fellowship for lot was up to now! 😀 

7  crazy kids-4 activas made their way for a cruise armed with a wired up enthu &  insatiable hunger for fun. Another mondo  soul who missed his plane by a couple of minutes was yet to reach. Not to forget our captain Jack Sparrow bonney  who with his sans pariel navigation skills made us prowl  a couple of extra miles t beyond recall to reach the jetty. Once aboard the ferry to take us to the other end of river mandovi which was the boarding point for the cruise, our ladies (heroines in the making to be precise!) started the selfie delirium to make sure that not a single frame misses them out!  Ensuing  an hour long drama (due credits to Madame Manisha & Sameekshya who made their dads expert photographers by making them click & send their ID proofs again & again!) ,we barged into Deltin Royale cruise, along with Welcome-Late Somu.

Unlimited food & beverages, coupled with we-dont-know-why dance performances by some Videshi Kanyas , unfettered rounds of chortle  later, we were at the Casino Floor, cutting the capers till 3am fully exhausted yet determined to keep the fun rolling at the beaches next day. Way back  (we had  a KNPH kinda scene!) I was about to pop out Somu into the zuari river  who was perched on the back of my Activa hurling abuses with propitious returns from me. An hour later & fully drenched, we called it a day.

Next day, with the addition of one more freak, Binayak, we set out to sift North Goa,  We  begin our sojourn jumping into the roaring Arabian sea at Calangute Beach. with a stubby ear  to the warnings of the life-guards, our team was in dike  spirits fighting valiantly with the seas doloring   loss of 2 sleepers (which  floated to karachi!). Post a retreading saline therapy, we keyed into our activas for the next destination.

Baga Beach was bounteous of a lens’love , wherein we put our cameras to endless clicking (& ofcourse poses!) . Mata Rani Leeza graced us with her avtars, making sure tour planner lattu had captured to the last straw. Much to the umbrage of shopaholic i-will-die-without-shopping Manisha, we set out to the nest destination – Anjuna. 

Stranded & Rescued by Binayak (My activa broke down!) &  a repair later, we put off for lunch before moving again.

Anjuna Beach – Arguably one of the striking  beaches with an encompassed  concotion of tranquil locale set against the backdrop of the roaring sea dashing the rocky shore, out-of-luck did away with tag , thanks to our curbed chants of CHILILEEE…

TourPlanner Lattu’s I-Can-Die  love & pining  for the sunset at Dona Paula beach had to make us zip our activas in full-speed only to be left tarrying  & cursing as big-brother Somu was caught by Goa Traffic police on criminal offences (HelmetLessReckLessLicenceLess..), which gave Binayak time for a video-tour cum evening walk on the river Mandovi with Mata Rani Leeza. Meanwhile Bonney & Lady Sameekshya were zipping way ahead of us (however reaching way leter than us all) to Dona Paula. 

Finally, we were at  Dona Paula hilltop though missing up the sunset due to clouds had left us no qualms as we supplemented it  with truly romantic posses with Big Brother Somu & my fables of the ghosty love to make Manisha sacrilaging . 😛  A sumptous dinner of local delicacies  like Gaoan Prawn Xacuci , Pamplet Pompretti & the usual butter chicken, we dozed to sleep unfazed by the heavy downpour outside. 

Next day, packing off we set out for south goa, but we had to curtail our journey for the rains  & instead we took a detour to Cabo-De-Rama fort, wherein Lattu had a paltry accident on the way. After a lot of PDA & Photo-Ops later, we started up to the last leg of the destination – Miramar Beach. 

Miramar Beach insinuated  a painting on canvas, placid & arresting , Miramar nestled amidst palm groves  vamps you to loose yourself . Slacking , we had to wrap up our trip . Baring myself, Somu & Bony, others left on the same night & we caught the flight back the following day bidding adeiu to the reality which now became a distant dream. 

1 month later when I sit to blog again after a hiatus, I dedicate this post to my friends who made this trip memorable & a one to long for.

DSCN0078                                                                                                              CABO DE RAMA FORT









All pics are taken by me & Satya Soumendra ! Thanx for visiting!


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