Indian News : The Omnifarious buffet of delicacies!

To err is human. To blame someone else is politics.
– Hubert H Humphrey

 If you are Yes’nt with the above, trust me, you stand a greater chance to secure the hot-seat in some high-octane TV Debate, blame-storming is a niche skill nowadays! May be you get to say 2-3 words, all with the mercy of his highness, the anchor, in a healthy debate in an environment full of amity! If not, read on…

Are you bored with a 9 to 5 Job? Did you win G.K Quizzes in school? Are you pissed off at (you aren’t sure yourself) at the rocketing prices? Is your love life wincing (the platonic one)? Are you still in discomposure & trying to figure out if (at all), the previous questions are even mingy to you? If the answer to any or all (Boolean logic indeed) is Yes , then you must grab a pop-corn, hit youtube, or switch on the idiot box & doss –  start watching soap-operas! Sorry, typo indeed, watch national news.

Now, let’s get to some atavism, remember how K-soaps used to rule the prime-time much to our despair & mom’s delight ; we have its dead ringer in entertainment today –  prime-time news, offered in a buffet like spread, as long as your DTH is recharged, & remote is in your hand, there are lots of them ; scrutator anchors claiming to be the voice of the nation, the Shahenshah of all debate moderators in the world, scientists (sorry!) news anchors presenting well-researched articles of how currency notes are embedded with nano technology based GPS chips with equally borntiduos background music (Hail God!) , a lovely shoulder dancing lady , even claiming antediluvian evidences of a particular community having deep roots in Indian culture & the other only bedding terror spreading outfits en masse, huh! that is so secular of them, so constitutional . All this & much more with a palpebral pace! Excited to have this platter? Aren’t you? Indian Politics is no more the boring politics where the talks were on development, youth empowerment, education, DO we really need all this? Won’t we be more interested to know the cost of the bandgala worn by a great saint-cum-leader, or laugh at equally amazing jokes that a half-baked dynast cracks, and ends up getting trolled by the troll-junta! (they are an indispensable part of our population!).

Readers, I am having a sumptuous dinner every other day, as I have my DTH never missing its recharge much like Sheela aunty’s visit to the beauty parlor, it’s the regimen for a healthy lifestyle after all. A politico a day, keeps the logic away! Ah, logic? What’s that anyways?

My sacrifice for this post, I had to miss a report on Taimur’s fart! Put a G on it guys!



The aeonian love story

Disclaimer : Don’t pass it on for yet another  valentine’s day special post, rather a true story to salute the eternal love between the protagonists.

Long ago, a public servant, rather too strict on principles gives his daughters’ hand to an engineer with a PSU. This is the provenance of the tale!

(Those days, engineers,doctors, and government sector employees were considered the best-of-the-rest as prepatent grooms! Hope, I had been an engineer born during that GOLDEN AGE! 😛 ) .

The girl, she had to cease her higher studies as per her dad’s wish,lucky enough to have completed her graduation (This was the time when Amrish Puri of DDLJ was yet to appear!)

The boy, an identity of simplicity with unparalleled probity & character, responsibility & intellect desired for a life-partner who would fit in the jig-saw of his life(God did listen to him, Read on)

However,she was insouciant  & of-course given away her heart,hoping that the next days of her life would indoctrinate  an amative vicissitude. (So was it, read on) .

Post marriage, they moved to where the Hero worked, which was the picturesque hilly township suffused in the lap of nature(It isn’t  Kashmir!, a rather nondescript town called Sunabeda, located in Odisha! ).

The man of her dreams, not only encouraged her to pursue a career, rather made sure all things desiderate to her, lie on deck . So much so, that after their first child was born, who was naughty ethereal, he used to drive them on the faithful Bajaj Priya, around 30kms downhill to the district’s commercial HQ so that she could sit for Banking & other exams.

As with most households of those time, the heroine decided to relinquish her career and be the biggest support that her hero needs and gradually the trips to exam centers were recouped  by ones to nearby tourist places, the lone movie hall of the township etc.

(The Bajaj Priya had the English Meaning of the Heroines name engraved on the nameplate, only to be painted upon later when the kids started growing up! 😛 )

Now, there was only one aim for both of them, to give their kids the best of upbringing,education and make sure that their future is shaped perfectly. Then, came the second child, and this two brothers, right from the start made sure that their parents convictions are put to tough test (Literally!).

Be it attending the complaints from teachers,making the Science Projects, preparing elocution speeches, be it spending sleepless nights to make the naughty kids sleep to sweet lullabies,or working hard in the kitchen to prepare dishes they loved, be it spending the little time after office teaching them ride cycles, or missing cricket matches or soap operas to teach them for the tests tomorrow, they reified their sagacious decision.

So,was there love in between? Is it a love story then?

LOVE, is something which lies more in actions and emotions rather than the nugatory practices of today, which is more meant towards fulfilling one naive desires!

Give it a thinking heart! ,

Veritably, the driving factor behind the great love story –  The way they supported each other right through the start till date , which indubitably till eternity is what LOVE is and what it should be.

Few years back, the couple met with a serious road accident,which made them hospitalized for few days, only to cast its shadow once again in the form of around a year-long hospitalization and a very complex surgery of the Hero, which doctors claimed had a very minute success rate, this whole year, the Heroine was all along the husbands side attending him because the elder son was into Final year of Engineering and the younger one had his 10th Board exams, she cried alone, but never let him see her tears, he wriggled in deep pain, but tried to hide it, though he wasn’t very successful. At the end, he recovered, and it was their love which won, for it stood firm and never bent even with time and fate!

25years and counting, the saga of true & pure love!

This was the love story of my parents, and the other two characters – the notorious ones were ME & my brother (Obvious,isn’t?)

I fall short of words to bring out words to describe  the pellucid love I have ever seen, and I tried my best to do justice,but still “Dil Ki Baatien, Dil Hi Jaanein!”


Some moments in pictures :

Are we really TENDER NERDS?

” The best way to teach a child restraint and generosity is to be a model of those qualities yourself “

The other day, i was having my usual cuppa in the college canteen when the propertier was spotted giving sermons on generosity to the cook. I wasnt’ really interested to this sordenous lectures of  his which surpassed even my class lectures with an unparalleled margin, but the prolonged conversation really pulled my ears and I instantly found out the reason, The cook had cooked some extra quantity of rice and since it wasn’t needed, he was asking mr.propertier to throw it, but our propertier sir was teaching him lessons of Generosity, his plausible argument was that he could never think of  wasting unused food item , the basic reason for the same being the fact that he would hurt himself by that, he pondered that even today many are rendered foodless and even he was shoveling some weird statistics on how many people remain foodless!!

Enough of shit, how can he blabber such words of tenderness, his business tactics was excellent, an amalgamation of business with emotions, the perfect play with majority of Indians. This was just an instance, people like him are the prototypes of our Bureaucrats and Politicians, the Babus  in power speak volumes against practices condemnable like Child Labour, Dowry system etc, and they are found to be the privileged practitioners of the same shamelessly..

Coming to kindness, generosity, tenderness, words like this remain confined to the pages of the dictionary.Hardly does one usher an act of selfless service and the basic reason behind this being attributed to the atrocities of hey-day..

An appeal to feign personalities like Mr.Canteen owner, stop prattling  facts which are testified fiction by people like you!!