whoop-de-doo at Numaish Mela – Hyderabad

Just to make sure that I won’t be abstaining from blogging, forget the volley of reasons whatever may be, Arigato gozaimas for dropping by in my insaturation at blogging, perhaps!

Now, its been a good 2 years since I last blogged, but coming back with a post about one of the greatest Melas or fairs at Hyderabad – The Numaish or the All India Industrial Exhibition, currently in its 78th edition ; which very well  is yet another festivity happening in ‘apna’ Hyderabad, reminiscent of the opulence & public empathy that the Nizam era had. The history behind the fair is even more grandiose, way back in 1938, started by a group of students from the prestigious Osmania University to showcase local products, this industrial exhibition has taken giant strides , from about 100 stalls to more than 2500 stalls in the current edition.

Call it my silver-tongued touch coupled with my hermeneutic nature , all thanks to google alongside, I could manage to tug along my group of friends to pay a visit. The marrow of the magnanimity of this exhibition can be testified by our struggle to find a parking as well the traffic near the venue at Exhibition Grounds, Nampally (near Hyderabad Station), and the beeline  for an entry thereafter. However, contrary to the scenes outside, everything from the ticketing (an entry fee of 30rs)to the crowd management, security etc were pretty impressively organised. Well, that certainly forms the presentiment, given the fact that its 78 yrs old, and thus was it satiated. We were greeted with featly laid out stalls exhibiting almost every imaginable product from handicrafts,electronics, clothes, wares what not! Call it the perils or compulsions of being abominable bachelors, we ventured to begin our evening with something that the heart & mind craved in unparalleled unison – FOOD! The chaat stall just cajoled us to empty our pockets with servings of chole-bhature, bhelpuri, papri chaat among others. Tummies inflated, we set out to explore more, all thanks to the sole lady in our gang, our maladroitness at negotiations was well tackled, and some of us had some purchases meanwhile. But, my paralipsis over get-back-to-childhood was sinfully echoed by many in our gang,and we set our eyes on the rides, yes there were many of them, that’s what a Mela signifies after all. We were soon to have a quodlibet of sorts with the guys at the ticket counter having been duped for the merry go round, instead of the Ferris Wheel , so was our tragedy that had befallen that this was discovered post a waiting in queue for about an hour. Perturbed, yet high in spirits, we resorted to some Brand Dropping photo shoots, thanks to my newly acquired Iphone8plus ( I didnt quite sell my kidney for it!). Given our undulated cravings for food, and aided by the girtherness of our gang, we started laying our hands on almost everything that we set our eyes upon, be it Kebabs, sugar candies, haleem (There was a Pista House stall too!), & even water bottles! (the spices be put to blame!). All done,it was time to follow the same bee-line for exit, and there we were bidding bye to an evening  joie de vivre, all thanks to one of the hidden gems of Hyderabad – Numaish Masnuaat-e-Mulki .

Folks, do pay a visit and experience the extravaganza in first person. However, not to forget a few flip sides, personal observations may kindly be given due cognizance , the pricing was a bit on the higher side, which otherwise isn’t the case with fairs, particularly in terms of food, despite the fact that it was ticketed! Nevertheless, the fun & frolic is unmatched. For more information on Numaish,which is held from January 1st to February 15 every year (tentative), you can “Jagoogala” [JUST GOOGLE IT!]

Summing up, let the pics talk the rest…

When the pic lures you enough!
Khilone se yaad aya – Dil toh bacha hai ji…


Among the rides!
Being Poser!
Chaat Anyone?

Indibloggers BergerXP Kolkata Meetup – entelechy to blog again!

If you find this post much like a newspaper report! (No issues! :-D)

Just when I was doubtful over my hiatus from blogging turning permanent, the Indibloggers Berger Express Kolkata Meetup just provided the much needed boost to hit the keys again.

The evening was  auroral  for many bloggers (me included) as it opened up a peerless networking avenue for the community in Kolkata.  It was a melloflous evening of many hues, starting with the registration to the management, everything was just Thumps Up. I was twitterfated sans inhibitions as this was my 2nd Indibloggers meet after Bangalore meetup in 2k13.

Every single moment of the event was one to live for, to begin with the 30 secs of fame, wherein some of the blogging stories were undubitably inspiring. The protean mix of bloggers from all walks of life with their own bags of wonderful tales –  A mother inspired by her son into blogging, 16 yr old guy using blogging as a tool to crack wide open his voice et al.  As with the phrase, A picture speaks a thousand words, the Pics from the twitter contest stood testimony to it. It really urged me to festinate here so that I can catch up the space I had missed up all the while.

The video on Berger Express Painting, which seemed unsually lengthy at the begining however stood reminiscence of the horrendous round of activities that followed back home whenever my home needed a fresh coat of paint. Berger Express is a truly efficacious tool which makes your painting – Faster,Cleaner & Better!!  much in reality as the tagline promises.

High Tea followed the presentations with many known faces & some new friends as well as a few bloggers from past meet-ups. The bonding was so warm, & it was aided by the delicious mouth watering kebabs being served. I am just repeating my tweet here : The kebabs were really delicious!! Really 😛

The team activities were commoving to the core , all the bloggers formed teams of 6 amongst themselves,we named our team as FLASH (Logic lies with the fellow bloggers in the team :-P). The first activity was sanding a board using sand-papers & we were donning safety gears which made us look like doctors in the Operation room getting ready to rip the bellies apart 😛 This was followed by the painting event where the task was to paint a theme or an issue using the colors  provided. My pathetic artisitic skills coupled with a few others from my team didn’t fetch us any prize, but the fun nevertheless was priceless. The 16yr old guy explained his painting in a really theatrical manner with hindi slogans & extemporized overtones!! (Smart Guy!). By this time, we had drained all our energies, and the belly needed a refill.

Finally, it was Pet-Puja time (not pet animals folks!!). I made sure that my plate was filled with every other deliciacy my eyes wandered to and my taste-buds just got me driving for refills. The desert was sans pareil and the malpuas were to die for!!

Thus ended the day on a happy note with many new friends made, learning ascribed in mind, the next big thing in painting experienced in close quarters, a belly filled to the brim (:-P), and a lot of other emotions along with a goody bag from BergerXP.

Thanks Indiblogger & Berger Express for the wonderful evening!!

The quiddity of the meet-up for me was the fact that much like BergerXP , our blogs should essentially be more Faster (As in shedding out the laziness!), Cleaner (To the point & laconic!) & Better (Always keeping up the experience of readers to the optimum whilst not compromising on the content!

United by passion of blogging!


Not a gud speech, but thanks for the awesome pic 😛 


The warm-up activity was warm indeed!



Ready to operate! 


Live in action!


@Deveccentric : Thats my tweet on the big screen!


Team Flash with their smiles! Brace your imperfections!

Pic Credits : IndiBloggers team


Break-Down of Campus Love Stories

Now this post belongs to the “CUTTING CHAI” category…so the contents of this post is a generalized rundown of gossips over cuppas of Cha,cakes n da like (Wild guesses welcomed 😛)….

A guy enters an engineering college to fulfill his/his parents wishes, to achieve something (which is only known to the almighty!), but the center of cynosure shifts towards the opposite sex (gender 😛 incase u hav sinister thoughts!)..Now starts a journey of hardships,endurance et al (LOVE is just a camouflage term!)..

Financial Management cant’ be better studied than this :

The protagonist gets a hemmed in finance from his folks, now the real challenge remains sundering this amount for two individuals, as der is always a TENDER SOUL fully dependent on you…

Time Management, Learning the ropes of time management like never before , When you are in a relationship (Read CAMPUS RELATIONSHIP) , managing your day b/w studies (now this is real puffing up :P),daily chores (guesses welcomed again) and a hell lotta’ time for the ONE…

Marketing & PR…nw every guy in relationship beguile of exceptional Marketing & PR (dont confuse it wd PYAAR..if u are uncontrollably romantic!)..Marketing & PR skills forms the backdrop of every campus love story.

Right away from winning the Girl (Her Heart in particular..Though implications are at large :D), managing fake smiles at her PJs, panegyrizing her musings (ANTICS!) , and managing her clan (which includes every uncreditable exxxtraass in the lady’s social circle!), the guys showcases a wonderful blend of this skills.

And coming to the age of business – ENTREPRENEURSHIP…

This is a hot-of-the-press trend catching up..

Now entrepreneurship and campus love-stories have got a hush-hush relationship…

Infact the hellacious romeos have been found to be the budding entrepreneurs. Doing up every other job to supplement the household income (Family is temporal till passing out :P)..Startups otherwise adds up to the Status Symbols..now the girl may be proud for you…(Atleast you have proved yourself able enough to take care of her needs!)..

Now caulking the story, we come to the crucial aspect : EXIT STRATEGY

Now..This is a real mystery unsolved..plus we are deprived of cash as of now for further cuppas n time!!


If your story (love story) gets peas-in-pod with the above post…I CANT REALLY HELP…

Special Thanks to Kalia Pan Shop for providing me excellent cha & brainstorming stabs…

(For those unaware of Kalia Pan Shop..google out guys, n improve your GK please!)