Indian News : The Omnifarious buffet of delicacies!

To err is human. To blame someone else is politics.
– Hubert H Humphrey

 If you are Yes’nt with the above, trust me, you stand a greater chance to secure the hot-seat in some high-octane TV Debate, blame-storming is a niche skill nowadays! May be you get to say 2-3 words, all with the mercy of his highness, the anchor, in a healthy debate in an environment full of amity! If not, read on…

Are you bored with a 9 to 5 Job? Did you win G.K Quizzes in school? Are you pissed off at (you aren’t sure yourself) at the rocketing prices? Is your love life wincing (the platonic one)? Are you still in discomposure & trying to figure out if (at all), the previous questions are even mingy to you? If the answer to any or all (Boolean logic indeed) is Yes , then you must grab a pop-corn, hit youtube, or switch on the idiot box & doss –  start watching soap-operas! Sorry, typo indeed, watch national news.

Now, let’s get to some atavism, remember how K-soaps used to rule the prime-time much to our despair & mom’s delight ; we have its dead ringer in entertainment today –  prime-time news, offered in a buffet like spread, as long as your DTH is recharged, & remote is in your hand, there are lots of them ; scrutator anchors claiming to be the voice of the nation, the Shahenshah of all debate moderators in the world, scientists (sorry!) news anchors presenting well-researched articles of how currency notes are embedded with nano technology based GPS chips with equally borntiduos background music (Hail God!) , a lovely shoulder dancing lady , even claiming antediluvian evidences of a particular community having deep roots in Indian culture & the other only bedding terror spreading outfits en masse, huh! that is so secular of them, so constitutional . All this & much more with a palpebral pace! Excited to have this platter? Aren’t you? Indian Politics is no more the boring politics where the talks were on development, youth empowerment, education, DO we really need all this? Won’t we be more interested to know the cost of the bandgala worn by a great saint-cum-leader, or laugh at equally amazing jokes that a half-baked dynast cracks, and ends up getting trolled by the troll-junta! (they are an indispensable part of our population!).

Readers, I am having a sumptuous dinner every other day, as I have my DTH never missing its recharge much like Sheela aunty’s visit to the beauty parlor, it’s the regimen for a healthy lifestyle after all. A politico a day, keeps the logic away! Ah, logic? What’s that anyways?

My sacrifice for this post, I had to miss a report on Taimur’s fart! Put a G on it guys!



Indibloggers BergerXP Kolkata Meetup – entelechy to blog again!

If you find this post much like a newspaper report! (No issues! :-D)

Just when I was doubtful over my hiatus from blogging turning permanent, the Indibloggers Berger Express Kolkata Meetup just provided the much needed boost to hit the keys again.

The evening was  auroral  for many bloggers (me included) as it opened up a peerless networking avenue for the community in Kolkata.  It was a melloflous evening of many hues, starting with the registration to the management, everything was just Thumps Up. I was twitterfated sans inhibitions as this was my 2nd Indibloggers meet after Bangalore meetup in 2k13.

Every single moment of the event was one to live for, to begin with the 30 secs of fame, wherein some of the blogging stories were undubitably inspiring. The protean mix of bloggers from all walks of life with their own bags of wonderful tales –  A mother inspired by her son into blogging, 16 yr old guy using blogging as a tool to crack wide open his voice et al.  As with the phrase, A picture speaks a thousand words, the Pics from the twitter contest stood testimony to it. It really urged me to festinate here so that I can catch up the space I had missed up all the while.

The video on Berger Express Painting, which seemed unsually lengthy at the begining however stood reminiscence of the horrendous round of activities that followed back home whenever my home needed a fresh coat of paint. Berger Express is a truly efficacious tool which makes your painting – Faster,Cleaner & Better!!  much in reality as the tagline promises.

High Tea followed the presentations with many known faces & some new friends as well as a few bloggers from past meet-ups. The bonding was so warm, & it was aided by the delicious mouth watering kebabs being served. I am just repeating my tweet here : The kebabs were really delicious!! Really 😛

The team activities were commoving to the core , all the bloggers formed teams of 6 amongst themselves,we named our team as FLASH (Logic lies with the fellow bloggers in the team :-P). The first activity was sanding a board using sand-papers & we were donning safety gears which made us look like doctors in the Operation room getting ready to rip the bellies apart 😛 This was followed by the painting event where the task was to paint a theme or an issue using the colors  provided. My pathetic artisitic skills coupled with a few others from my team didn’t fetch us any prize, but the fun nevertheless was priceless. The 16yr old guy explained his painting in a really theatrical manner with hindi slogans & extemporized overtones!! (Smart Guy!). By this time, we had drained all our energies, and the belly needed a refill.

Finally, it was Pet-Puja time (not pet animals folks!!). I made sure that my plate was filled with every other deliciacy my eyes wandered to and my taste-buds just got me driving for refills. The desert was sans pareil and the malpuas were to die for!!

Thus ended the day on a happy note with many new friends made, learning ascribed in mind, the next big thing in painting experienced in close quarters, a belly filled to the brim (:-P), and a lot of other emotions along with a goody bag from BergerXP.

Thanks Indiblogger & Berger Express for the wonderful evening!!

The quiddity of the meet-up for me was the fact that much like BergerXP , our blogs should essentially be more Faster (As in shedding out the laziness!), Cleaner (To the point & laconic!) & Better (Always keeping up the experience of readers to the optimum whilst not compromising on the content!

United by passion of blogging!


Not a gud speech, but thanks for the awesome pic 😛 


The warm-up activity was warm indeed!



Ready to operate! 


Live in action!


@Deveccentric : Thats my tweet on the big screen!


Team Flash with their smiles! Brace your imperfections!

Pic Credits : IndiBloggers team


Symphony of a nerdy Love !!

I think am turning altruistic , perhaps this is my 1st post here which doesn’t deal with stories/observations from my life!!

I have a crucial responsibility of using fictional names for putting up bits of my friend’s life here…

Raj (A typical Bollywood name!), unlike the filmy ones was a nerd in the truest sense in real life (At least from the day I 1st saw of him!). “Complan Boy” , seniors christened him this nickname during our ragging (read interactive!!) sessions .Typical traits of Raj included studying 24×7 , eating like hell , sleeping et al! His timetable was a stark contrast to the melange unruly life that we led.

Lucent results always made way to Mr.Raj’s scorecard contrary to our indigent grades . Things were going at an all-so-normal pace for our nerd, when all of a sudden (Ditto to any Bollywood Rotten Love Flick!) , enters the girl into his life — Simran (No DDLJ stuff!) , a bit hyped , once in the list of demanded gals of our insti.

The most happening transition  kick starts in Mr.Nerds’ life!

Raj-Simran!! Sounds wonders only in Romantic Flicks with Chocolaty Story lines, but damn daffy for real life.However,Raj,breaks all formidable barriers & furcates his life into 2 territories – Studies, Love (Love to Study/Study to Love is a mystery yet unsolved!!). The Knowledge Kist now starts dancing to the dulcet tunes of love, devoid of other worldly concerns.

I am sure you are trying hard to figure out the USP of this seemingly blant tale which by now might have put you to lurginess!

The abrupt twist begins to make its way into Mr.Raj’s otherwise sweet lovestory when he discovers the bitter truth — Simran has a boyfriend & he is not him!! (We are now wading a bye to Yash Raj Film’s typical storylines!!)

The lurid news leaves our protagonist devastated who now turns into a somniferous presence both for himself & others.The worst of all , he starts loosing his interest in his only love other than Simran – Studies & also his hairs!! (Seriously!)

However,this love story jounces with the intervention of 3  Samaritan  friends of Raj (Me included!) who begin to nurture sprouts of optimism, determination & willpower to win his true love back (& also grow hairs on his scalp!).

The story doesn’t  end but continues & will continue for the happy-ending & I am going to type up meed tit-bits of Raj’s Love story!

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