Break-Down of Campus Love Stories

Now this post belongs to the “CUTTING CHAI” category…so the contents of this post is a generalized rundown of gossips over cuppas of Cha,cakes n da like (Wild guesses welcomed 😛)….

A guy enters an engineering college to fulfill his/his parents wishes, to achieve something (which is only known to the almighty!), but the center of cynosure shifts towards the opposite sex (gender 😛 incase u hav sinister thoughts!)..Now starts a journey of hardships,endurance et al (LOVE is just a camouflage term!)..

Financial Management cant’ be better studied than this :

The protagonist gets a hemmed in finance from his folks, now the real challenge remains sundering this amount for two individuals, as der is always a TENDER SOUL fully dependent on you…

Time Management, Learning the ropes of time management like never before , When you are in a relationship (Read CAMPUS RELATIONSHIP) , managing your day b/w studies (now this is real puffing up :P),daily chores (guesses welcomed again) and a hell lotta’ time for the ONE…

Marketing & PR…nw every guy in relationship beguile of exceptional Marketing & PR (dont confuse it wd PYAAR..if u are uncontrollably romantic!)..Marketing & PR skills forms the backdrop of every campus love story.

Right away from winning the Girl (Her Heart in particular..Though implications are at large :D), managing fake smiles at her PJs, panegyrizing her musings (ANTICS!) , and managing her clan (which includes every uncreditable exxxtraass in the lady’s social circle!), the guys showcases a wonderful blend of this skills.

And coming to the age of business – ENTREPRENEURSHIP…

This is a hot-of-the-press trend catching up..

Now entrepreneurship and campus love-stories have got a hush-hush relationship…

Infact the hellacious romeos have been found to be the budding entrepreneurs. Doing up every other job to supplement the household income (Family is temporal till passing out :P)..Startups otherwise adds up to the Status the girl may be proud for you…(Atleast you have proved yourself able enough to take care of her needs!)..

Now caulking the story, we come to the crucial aspect : EXIT STRATEGY

Now..This is a real mystery we are deprived of cash as of now for further cuppas n time!!


If your story (love story) gets peas-in-pod with the above post…I CANT REALLY HELP…

Special Thanks to Kalia Pan Shop for providing me excellent cha & brainstorming stabs…

(For those unaware of Kalia Pan out guys, n improve your GK please!)


Symphony of a nerdy Love !!

I think am turning altruistic , perhaps this is my 1st post here which doesn’t deal with stories/observations from my life!!

I have a crucial responsibility of using fictional names for putting up bits of my friend’s life here…

Raj (A typical Bollywood name!), unlike the filmy ones was a nerd in the truest sense in real life (At least from the day I 1st saw of him!). “Complan Boy” , seniors christened him this nickname during our ragging (read interactive!!) sessions .Typical traits of Raj included studying 24×7 , eating like hell , sleeping et al! His timetable was a stark contrast to the melange unruly life that we led.

Lucent results always made way to Mr.Raj’s scorecard contrary to our indigent grades . Things were going at an all-so-normal pace for our nerd, when all of a sudden (Ditto to any Bollywood Rotten Love Flick!) , enters the girl into his life — Simran (No DDLJ stuff!) , a bit hyped , once in the list of demanded gals of our insti.

The most happening transition  kick starts in Mr.Nerds’ life!

Raj-Simran!! Sounds wonders only in Romantic Flicks with Chocolaty Story lines, but damn daffy for real life.However,Raj,breaks all formidable barriers & furcates his life into 2 territories – Studies, Love (Love to Study/Study to Love is a mystery yet unsolved!!). The Knowledge Kist now starts dancing to the dulcet tunes of love, devoid of other worldly concerns.

I am sure you are trying hard to figure out the USP of this seemingly blant tale which by now might have put you to lurginess!

The abrupt twist begins to make its way into Mr.Raj’s otherwise sweet lovestory when he discovers the bitter truth — Simran has a boyfriend & he is not him!! (We are now wading a bye to Yash Raj Film’s typical storylines!!)

The lurid news leaves our protagonist devastated who now turns into a somniferous presence both for himself & others.The worst of all , he starts loosing his interest in his only love other than Simran – Studies & also his hairs!! (Seriously!)

However,this love story jounces with the intervention of 3  Samaritan  friends of Raj (Me included!) who begin to nurture sprouts of optimism, determination & willpower to win his true love back (& also grow hairs on his scalp!).

The story doesn’t  end but continues & will continue for the happy-ending & I am going to type up meed tit-bits of Raj’s Love story!

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“Oye yaar ! what a Maal..Is popat ke saath toh pura odd  lagti hai..!”

“Oye usko dekh le yaar..Apne ko mili toh life ki setting ho jayegi..!”

Hold on…These are not the dialogues from a Bollywood Flick , these are some of the gentle conversations that were doing rounds at Ksithij-’10, the techfest  at IIT-Kharagpur, a grand conglomeration of Techies from Eastern India.

Me & my Best Friend Trisom (aka Linku), the regular backpacker souls were surely not the odd-man-out at Ksithij. Me just went to Bhubaneswar (additional 300kms.), just to cover every km of the trip with him, coz fun is best only possible with friends.

Well coming straight to the point…

“Tech fests now are increasingly becoming popular venues for Romantic getaways rather than forums to share technical talents!” – Trisom Sahu, Friend of your blogger.

He was so right after all, coz the scenario unfolding infront of our eyes stood testimony. My eyes all of a sudden got transfixed to the other end of our table, where a spectacled diva was keenly drawn to the contents of a book(Seemed she had her sem exams the next day!).

Closer observation made it clear that she was reading a Janet Evanovich novel. My  I CAN DIE attitude for fiction drew me closer and closer and closer to her..Hold ON…literarily…

And then, I was sitting  next to  her, She was perhaps not moved by the sudden changes in the environment surrounding her, deeply involved with her reading.

Thanksgiving! Huh!

“Yes…!”, this word was subtly delivered from a pair of small pinky lips,aided by a swift movement of two extremely pretty cajoled eyes protected by a pair f Librarian Spects. Rarest and perfect combination of Beauty with Brain!

This time, my passion for fiction led me to kick-start the conversation over a cup of coffee. In due course of the conversation , I was keen observing her (NO COMMENTS PLZZ).Her dimples which made guest appearances in due course of the conversation wer so  very beautiful that  they could give SRk, Priety n others a run..

My cell beeped to show an incoming sms from my friend whom I had forgetten by now.

“LOVE IS IN THE AIR…:P”… this was an outcome of his cognizance of our conversation.

I  gave it a go and then we resumed our conversation. But  Trisom was filling my inbox with repeated Smses and all bearing the same text. This insighted the Techie inside me, n slowly I was getting diverted to the territories of LOVE..

This made me to slowly changer the course of our discussion from Fiction and literature to the hearts and Roses, I mean Romance, Love life et al.

Its’ now or never! Its your chance to make a chance! GO ON..!” This thoughts made rounds  at my mind. Finally I decided to ask her the question that would unlock my prospects of  moving further; i.e.; enquiring about her relationship status…

“Hey Sheena, Your phone is switched off dear..!”

I didn’t say this, I looked at the source of this message and found out a tall handsome guy, poster boy like the ones in  Apparel advertisements appearing from nowhere..

Now my Coffee mate took no time to put my apprehensions to rest..

“Meet him Dev, he is guy..”


I managed to say up a meek “hi..” to Raj….

“Well I must go Sheena, its 3am, time for a nap…Nice talking with you…N ya Raj, u r lucky bro!!”

My PR skills made it possible to hide the lumps of sadness trying to make its way to my face…

Finally I bid adieu to the gal whom I wanted to make MY GAL….

And thus ended a Love Story before beginning .And also ended Trisoms’  endless midnight meal course of coffees and  junk foods…

But then , I consoled my self for a newstart and as they say











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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Are we really TENDER NERDS?

” The best way to teach a child restraint and generosity is to be a model of those qualities yourself “

The other day, i was having my usual cuppa in the college canteen when the propertier was spotted giving sermons on generosity to the cook. I wasnt’ really interested to this sordenous lectures of  his which surpassed even my class lectures with an unparalleled margin, but the prolonged conversation really pulled my ears and I instantly found out the reason, The cook had cooked some extra quantity of rice and since it wasn’t needed, he was asking mr.propertier to throw it, but our propertier sir was teaching him lessons of Generosity, his plausible argument was that he could never think of  wasting unused food item , the basic reason for the same being the fact that he would hurt himself by that, he pondered that even today many are rendered foodless and even he was shoveling some weird statistics on how many people remain foodless!!

Enough of shit, how can he blabber such words of tenderness, his business tactics was excellent, an amalgamation of business with emotions, the perfect play with majority of Indians. This was just an instance, people like him are the prototypes of our Bureaucrats and Politicians, the Babus  in power speak volumes against practices condemnable like Child Labour, Dowry system etc, and they are found to be the privileged practitioners of the same shamelessly..

Coming to kindness, generosity, tenderness, words like this remain confined to the pages of the dictionary.Hardly does one usher an act of selfless service and the basic reason behind this being attributed to the atrocities of hey-day..

An appeal to feign personalities like Mr.Canteen owner, stop prattling  facts which are testified fiction by people like you!!

The Day I Was trashed again..

Come IX-D, Geography period, the venue of the Malevolence…..

Volcanoes, another types I thinks…Any Doubts??…Fine. Lets read the next things…”Sir moved on with truckloads of ‘s’ ‘I thinks’. Cut the Carp….He seemed more like a teacher of mathematics with the maps and drawings he drew on the board resembling geometrical figures…Kamal, my bench mate and  my ‘Chaddi Buddy’, was the next victim of his sordid lectures. The entire class was diplomatically donning up fake seriousness suppressing their Tsunamis of laughter at the animated master.Vivek, our diagonal neighbour and another last bench Honcho, was seen mimicking Sirs’ gestures…..

Climax Scene…

Sir was seen rushing towards the last benches with full speed, more than his Bajaj Priya!! ..Vivek..Yes, he was the prey today, Sir stopped and kept the Duster at Viveks’ desk, I was happy beyond measure to watch an action-flick on free ticket..

But then….

“Stand ups…U Idiots…”

Sir was catching my colour..WTF!!…

A deluge of slaps and booms with bonus abuses was all that i remember for the next couple of minutes..”Sir, I m sorry…Sorry sir..Eh!!”

“Rascals, No concentrations..I will not leaves you!”, Kamal was the only one besides me who was frightened and amazed at the same instant.The guys were totes delighted watching the free show. The gals were praying Frantically for the torture to stop..(That’s the reason we fall in love with gals unless otherwise).Softies….


Folks! , where on the earth did he expect to find the answer of this question and that too in the middle of this unending FireWorks show!! I bet, this question will churn out the brains of the IIT, IIM guys and would leave Derek O’ Brain puzzled…

Luckily, my prayers coupled with that of the damsels , didn’t fall in deaf ears. The beating machine stopped. Exhausted, Angry.. et al…These adjectives described Sir at the moment..and me – Punctured, Fused, Shattered… etc..

Now I could feel the condition of the clothes inside the chambers of a washing machine,!!!

And then the Tiffin break…        I was a Celebrity of sorts with seniors, batch mates all rushing up to me.”Ahhs!!”. “Ohhs!!” were frequenting my eardrums

Courtesy : “My Tomato Red Cheeks & Bruised Ears!”

Ditto for any typical Bollywood scene, with the only difference was that here, the protagonist was hit Black-n-Blue from the Baddie.The Beast  almost killed me that day…

But now, all i remember today  is that, even the pain wasn’t that painful, but the melancholy that followed went missing in my life today….

Story(s) Over(s)….

Child marriage in class 6

“Child Marriage”… This was what we did in class 6th!!!!

VI-C”, the venue to this crime was full of the melancholic activities the day this thing really happened.”I m going on a two day leave..”, as expected, this words out of Maths sir came as an unexpected surprise enough to trigger enough hustling among the students..”Silence!!If any one will talk, I will Lean Down!!”, this stringent blast of threaten made the situation worse as we had to control our laughter at this lines as well as hide our excitement of getting two PT periods!!

Normalcy returned with the screeching sounds of the chalk on the blackboard with numbers and symbols spewed across it. One, two, three, four, this wasn’t our maths sir teaching us this time but the number of students rolling into a laughter which showed no signs of ceasing .”Quiet, what is it??”, “Nothing sir...”Rakesh blurted...” OH no!!”, my bench mate and my best friend till date, Trisoms’ words ringed alarm in my mind, with the matter being clear now …”Who wrote this??”, asked sir, we were sure that today again , its time to spend a period standing outside the class…and our dear friend Binayak, who hold the prestigious post of the class monitor made things smooth for us…”Trisom and debabrata, GET OUT!!”, “but sir, we didn’t do this..”,”Sir, please listen to us..”, this pleadings only fell in deaf eras with a slap free to each of us apart from being honoured of being dragged out of the class by sir…But it was more enjoyable outside with we getting more time to choke out new pranks and the sun rays falling on the dusty corridors did provide us with some respite from the chilly December classroom..

Did you write this?”, asked our extremely jovial and our favourite Odiya Sir…”Well yes sir...”, I replied and as expected, we received a praise…Hard to believe but he was the only teacher who was friendly enough to take the fun out of it…”Common read ii”, he ordered…”No sir no..”, Trisom told…”Arey when you two can compose such a great piece of writing, why shying on reading it...”…The victims Biswajit and soumya were cursing us to their hearts content…The entire classroom was  getting ready to know what the piece of paper had which was the grounds on which we two were sent out…”Ok Sir…”, I ventured out with the piece of paper in my hand amidst the encouraging crowd of 6th C section, i felt more like attaining stardom at the movement i read the contents of it which goes like this……


We solicit your gracious presence on the auspicious occasion of the suspicious

Shubh Vivah


Our friend

Soumya (Khadi)



On 4th of December,Friday


Play Ground , Middle section, Tiffin Break…

Kindly bless the couple…


—-Trisom, Debabrata —-


“WOww..”, “Very good…So you have started marrying off your classmates as well??”, we didn’t have a  good answer of this question but at the movement, we were thinking of the next plan to catch the one who smuggled this letter from my bag…

Child Marriage…!!”, “arey this two are not of 18yrs na…”, our talented laxmikant was heard imparting this lectures to fellow disciples Rohit, satswarup who seemed perturbed by his knowledge of law!!..

“Child Marriage…we were sent out of the class for committing this crime na??”, i asked trisom who replied me in a spark  ”Yeah!! And also of a boy with a boy…(Gay..wasn’t a word we knew that time!)” and we both took on to a laugh which tickles me even now when i m coming to end this story….

“Happy married life!!!”

Which College….Da story f da ragged journey!!

The 1st word that came to my mind when i came to know that there was the Annual Dramatics Fest that was to be held the next day.
Strange it may sound to my school friends , but i hadnt’ developed an aversion towards acting which was the other reason that i was known during my school days.”Narad”, “Ramesh”, “Chand Havildar” were some of the nick names that most of my school mates used much in use even today!
The biggest reason for me going back home was the very fact that i loved journeys – Travelling continuously for 13hrs at the least ! Getting to know different people, each with there own piece of story to keep you hooked on, of the jerks and the hiccups, of the road side dhabas where mighty truckers would slip into a melody to remind them of their families et al! The very fact that i went back home every other time i got a chance stands testimonies to my love for travel…
If i start recounting my travel tale, then the tell-along would surely make no less than a book because its just amazing that i have travelled a lot during my first year in Engineering itself.
The Story that is…
Coming back to the day before the dramatics fest, when i all of a sudden after the 1st half decided that I will go home, my roommates werent’ taken for a surprise because it was perfectly natural of me to go home. Azad was luckily there to make sure that i had a smooth cruise to sambalpur. The man at the ticket counter as usual blatantly refused to issue any ticket saying that no ticket to sunabeda was available! But i had to go boss! The conductor kindly allowed me to occupy his side seat which meant that i was deprived of a place to keep my baggage! But no problem “Something is better than Nothing”. The bus left and I was slowly started my travel chores like opening the Utterly delicious “Hide-N-Seek” biscuits..

The bus stopped at Pc Bridge, the check-point to my college. I was sure that someone else was also going with me this time- Great! Then a girl entered the bus.”Yes” was all that popped into my mind.”Bargarh” this was a setback to me when she asked the conductor for tickets, just an hour, then she is gone…phew! Then I spoke first to this girl who was now standing near the door, “Which college??, UCE??”, “ “Yes SIR”, came the reply, Amazing, Funny, Shocking etc etc are some of the adjectives to describe my emotion at the movement. Before i could speak, the extremely civic conductor cut short, “Why don’t you adjust here, You both belong to the same college na!”, nice fellow, got good tricks to snatch away half of my seat! Even before I could say anything, the girl came and sat. I was a senior for here, nice chance io thought, ..Tugged in between the Villain looks conductor and the average looking girl, i didn’t look much at her or rather she was keeping her head bent, the typical engineering style respect! “Which branch?” “Civil Engineering, Sir!”, “hmm..Tel me your school n college details..”..Intro over..
It was funny thing really.. Then I tried to be friendly, (boyish tactics!!), “Well have you ever seen me in the college??”, I was eagerly anticipating the answer” Yes sir, many times, in Samavesh, Robotics event, and at the LINUX Seminar, at spring.. long list”…”WOW!!” I thought, then without wasting a bit of the hour, i popped my next question “So which year do you think I m?”, “Sir…I..I..cant tel..”, nice respect for seniors,” okay, I have given you the freedom to tell my year.. now common” “May be 2nd yr or 3rd yr..not sure”…I just loved this answer..but then bus was nearing up and i decided to skip my part of the reply and then I kept enquiring a lot of other things from this junior(Oops batch mate) of mine..then just as the bus neared bargarh town, i thought its right to ends my play . ad the bus screed to a halt! “Well I am Debabrat, 2nd yr Cse.. n m really sorry.. it was fun to be a senior in 1st yr…”..The look on her face cant be described by me exactly !!”YOUUU…”., was all that she could say before the conductor hurried her to get down pricking the bubble of fun that was!!
Well I m really sorry friend if i would have caused any trouble(Forgot to ask her name!!) but still this is one of my best travel memories!! May be skipping the dramatics fest gave me another play to act upon!!!